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AMU Staff Members who authenticate correctly in the CAS window but still cannot access their Moodle platform, should send requests for access to elearning@amu.edu.pl . Please:

  • write from your AMU email address;
  • specify the URL address (or name) of the Moodle platform you are trying to access;
  • provide the link to your USOSWeb profile page. (After login go: "My USOSWeb" > copy the "My profile page" link under "User information" botttom right.)

AMU Students (especially 1st-year) who cannot access their Moodle platform despite having correctly passed the CAS authentication page – please wait patiently: as soon as any course into which you have been registered in USOS has been set up correctly on Moodle by your Teacher, your Moodle accounts will register and you will be able to log in and join the Moodle course (usually on the same day). If the problem persists, and you are still unable to log in after 1-2 days, you may report the problem to elearning@amu.edu.pl - you must (1) write from your AMU student's email account, (2) provide the link to your USOSWeb profile page, and (3) state precisely which Moodle platform and course you need to join. 

If you are unable to successfully pass the CAS authentication page, you should first of all try to remember / find your USOS / AMU email password. If this fails, please contact the respective USOS coordinator with your ID card, who will help you reset the password.

Should you suspect that your password may have been acquired by anyone unauthorised, you can change the password on the page https://panel.amu.edu.pl/ .

IMPORTANT: Once your USOS password has been changed, the new password will affect your access to ALL the AMU systems, including Eduroam Wi-Fi, USOSWeb, AMU Office 365 email etc.


If you received a special account on a Moodle platform not requiring CAS authentication, and are facing problems logging back on, please first of all, try logging in once more, this time entering your login data precisely by hand and not relying on your browser's stored data. Especially Chrome is known to suggest wrong passwords on Moodle installations - erase whatever your browser suggests in the password field and type in your password manually. If this fails, please contact elearning@amu.edu.pl: write from the email address under which you were registered on Moodle and specify the name or URL address of the Moodle platform you want to regain access to.

Last modified: Friday, 21 July 2023, 3:01 PM