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Cele zajęć:

  • Omówienie najważniejszych teorii składniowych i ich roli w badaniach synchronicznych i diachronicznych
  • Szczegółowa analiza wybranych modeli składniowych i ich zastosowania w badaniach historycznojęzykowych
  • Zastosowanie nabytej wiedzy w analizie tekstów dawnych

The course aims to present the concept of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) and examine its use in a specific context, whether this be a particular discourse community, discipline, textual genre, etc. This aim will be pursued through readings, discussion and tasks through which workshop participants will:
* Learn and practice using ‘proper’ academic style.
* Learn and practice using academic textual organization patterns (abstract, article, review, etc.).
* Analyze the component parts of a typical academic research article (e.g. discussion, methods, results, introduction, conclusion).
* Assess and develop students’ ability to integrate sources into their arguments.

The aim of the seminar is to familiarise doctoral students with selected trends in contemporary American fiction. The primary sources will be discussed in relation to the cultural, social and political contexts of the 20th- and 21st century. The focal genre is the novel, but the course covers also a selection of short stories. The temporal frame includes the last 4 decades. The questions which we will try to address include the competing visions of multicultural versus national literature, the impact of global politics and economy on the form and scope of contemporary fiction, identity politics and transnational intellectual trends shaping American literature and culture.